2022 Program Schedule

Until further notice, all meetings will be on Zoom and will begin promptly at 7:30 pm and end at 9:00. 

Informal socializing begins at 7:00 pm.

Valley_Triffid V_ Venice_Square.jpg

February 14

Andrée Valley

Respondent: Paula Panczenko

The Venice Biennale Before and During the Pandemic: An Exhibitor’s Perspective


March 14

T. Michael Nork

Respondent: Dr. James N. Ver Hoeve, PhD

Color My World: What Color Vision Teaches Us About Genetics, Eye Disease and Evolution

Andresen_artic Climate_Square.png

April 11

Christian G. Andresen

Respondent: TBD

Hot Times in Cold Places: Changing Arctic Processes


May 10

Rita Mae Reese

Respondent: Jodi Vander Molen

Poetry as Vaccine


September 13

Thomas J. Givnish

 Respondent: TBD

Assembly of Wisconsin Plant Communities at Regional to Local Scales


October 11

Charles Franklin

Respondent: Michael Wagner

2022 Mid-term Elections

Kyle Knox_Square.jpg

November 8

Kyle Knox

Respondent: TBD

Why Music Matters


December 13

Roseanne Clark

Respondent: TBD

Mental Health and Early Relationships: A New Public Health Agenda